Play Hood vs Wolf Slot

Experience the thrilling battle between Red Riding Hood and the Big Grey Wolf! Will you foil his plan or become his next meal?

About Hood vs Wolf

Welcome to the Hood vs Wolf slot, where you can choose to be the innocent Red Riding Hood or the cunning Big Grey Wolf! Will you outsmart your opponent in the character battle mode and enter the bonus game mode? This is one of the more unique online slots that you can play in Canada as it’s jam-packed full of exciting features.

Show off your battle skills and win free spins or wild symbols as rewards! Prepare for an amazing blend of anime and fairy tale styles with exquisite 2D animation effects and collaboration with famous Japanese music production companies and voice actors. The ending of this story is in your hands!

Game: Hood vs Wolf
Released: September 2018
Provider: PG Soft
RTP: 95.39%
Reels & Rows: 5×3
Features: 4 bonus features
Ways/Paylines/Grids: 30 paylines
Volatility: Medium
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $500
Max Win: 4000x

Choose a Side with the Hood vs Wolf Symbols

In the Hood vs Wolf game, there are a total of 14 symbols to look out for. These symbols can be categorized into 4 high-paying symbols, 4 low-paying symbols, 2 Power symbols, rock, paper, scissors symbols, and a wild symbol.

There are a lot of unique and interesting symbols in this game that you won’t find in any other game in our online casino! Here is a breakdown of each symbol and its value:

  • Low-Paying Symbols: They are represented by the card values A, K, Q, and J. Among these symbols, the A holds the highest value.
  • High-Paying Symbols: These symbols include a wolf’s tail, a bunch of flowers, a wolf’s claw, and a picnic basket. The picnic basket symbol has the highest value among the high-paying symbols.
  • Power Symbols: Two power symbols are present in this game – Hood’s Power symbol and Wolf’s Power symbol. These symbols have the ability to trigger the Battle Feature.
  • Rock, Paper & Scissors Symbols: The rock, paper, and scissors symbols have a special feature called the Mini Janken Feature. They can only appear on reels 2 and 4.
  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol is a substitute for all other symbols except for the Rock symbol, Paper Symbol, Scissors Symbol, Hood’s Power symbol, and Wolf’s Power symbol.

The Battle Commences in the Hood vs Wolf Bonuses!

Explore bonus features like the Battle Feature, Mini Janken Feature, Wolf Feature, and Hood Feature. Discover the exciting gameplay and prizes. Learn more below.

Battle Feature

In the Hood vs Wolf slot game, the Battle Feature takes place during the main game. The top screen is divided between the Hood character and the Wolf character. The collection bar above the reels shows the progress of each character.

During a spin, if there are Hood’s Power symbols and/or Wolf’s Power symbols on the reels, they will be added to the collection bar. Depending on which character has more Power symbols, either the Hood score or the Wolf score will increase. The Hood score and Wolf score will reset to 9 after the Hood Feature or Wolf Feature.

Mini Janken Feature

The Mini Janken Feature is triggered when a pair of Rock, Paper or Scissors symbols appear on reels 2 and 4. The winning symbol will award a prize. Scissors wins Paper, Paper wins Rock, and Rock wins Scissors.

Wolf Feature

During the Wolf Feature, 3 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors are played between you (Wolf) and the opponent (Hood). In each round, both characters choose either Scissors, Paper, or Rock. The winning symbol determines the outcome. If you (Wolf) win a round, you are awarded 5 free spins with 1 frame on a random position of the reels in every spin. If any Wild, Hood, Basket, or Flower symbol lands in the frame, 3 to 8 Wild symbols will replace random symbols on the reels, including the symbol in the frame.

Hood Feature

Similarly to the Wolf Feature, the Hood Feature also consists of 3 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors between you (Hood) and the opponent (Wolf). You (Hood) winning a round results in 5 free spins with 5 frames on random positions of the reels in every spin. If Wolf, Claws, and/or Tail symbols land in any of the frames, those symbols will be transformed into Wild symbols.

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