Play 9 Coins 1000 Slot

The 9 Coins 1000 slot brings together four jackpots: Grand, Mini, Minor and Major and much more. Play this game for a shot at winning 1000x your stake!

About 9 Coins 1000 Edition

9 Coins 1000 Edition slot is part of Wadan’s hugely successful “Coins” collection of online slots that have become very popular in Canada. This one in particular is an updated version of the 9 Coins slot.

This slot has an Infinity Cash mechanic, the Hold the Jackpot round and an increased Grand Jackpot of up to 1,000x your stake. With these amazing features, you can have a lot of entertainment spinning the reels!

Just like the original game, it is played on a 3×3 display and includes a wide variety of different symbols that can generate fantastic winnings. Learn more about the game below!

Game:9 Coins 1000 Edition
Released:September 2022
Reels & Rows:3×3
Features:Multiplier, Bonus Round, Bonus Buy
Minimum Bet:$0.10
Maximum Bet:$100
Max Win:1000x

How to Play 9 Coins 1000 for Real Money

To play 9 Coins 1000 for real money, you need to select your bet amount, choose the volatility you prefer and, finally, click on the button for the reels to spin on your screen. The game is unlike most others in our online casino as there is only 1 payline and in order to win, you need to trigger one of the bonus features.

The 9 Coins 1000 slot bonus rounds allow you to trigger various multipliers with symbols like chests, in addition to having access to jackpots. It all depends on which symbols will appear on your screen throughout the winning round.

When placing your 9 Coins 1000 bet, you can select the amount you wish to wager at the bottom of the screen, ranging from $0.10 to $100. In addition, you can buy bonus rounds ranging from Low, Standard, High and Extreme.

You can choose whether you want to go straight to the bonus round, or if you want to place your bet and try to align the symbols on the middle reel to access this round.

9 Coins 1000 Slot Symbols

There are a lot of uniquely different symbols in the 9 Coins 1000 slot. Some of them offer fixed prizes, while others multiply the winnings or allow access to the jackpot. Check out a brief description of each symbol in this game.

  • Cash Symbols: Symbols that offer winnings from 1 to 5 times your bet amount.
  • Mini Symbols: This symbol appears during the bonus round and allows access to the mini jackpot amount.
  • Minor Symbols: Similar to the mini, the minor jackpot appears in the bonus round and provides access to the minor jackpot balance.
  • Major Symbol: This symbol gives access to the 9 Coins 1000 Edition major jackpot – which only appears in the bonus round.
  • Collector Symbol: This accumulates all Cash and Cash Infinity values and multiplies the value from 1 to 9.
  • Mystery symbol: A symbol that can turn into Collector, Cash, or Jackpot.
  • Jackpot Mystery symbol: This triggers one of the jackpots at random.
  • Cash Infinity symbol: A symbol that is fixed on the screen during the normal round and is added in the bonus round.
  • Bonus Symbols: With 3 bonus symbols in the middle of the game you activate the Hold the Jackpot bonus.

All 9 Coins 1000 Slot Bonuses

Cash Infinity and Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game are the main bonuses of the 9 Coins 1000 slot. Read more about each of them below!

Cash Infinity

Cash Infinity is a symbol that appears randomly in the 9 Coins 1000 slot. It stays on the screen until the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game round is over and you are offered 5x to 10x your bet amount.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game

The Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game is the bonus round of the 9 Coins 1000 slot. It is triggered with 3 coin symbols on the middle row. When activated, this round allows you to accumulate symbols in the squares that don’t have symbols and collect the winnings by adding up everything that appeared on your screen throughout that round.

It is worth mentioning that the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game has 3 Re-spins and whenever a new symbol appears in an empty square, the 3 Re-spins will be recharged, with 3 more rounds for you to try to win a symbol. The more symbols you get during that round, the better for your winnings.

If you get 9 symbols in all spaces of the 9 Coins 1000 slot, you will have access to the Grand Jackpot of that game, which generates the biggest win of 1000x your bet amount.

9 Coins 1000 Edition Features

There are 3 features of the 9 Coins 1000 slot that stand out: buy bonus, volatility selector and the gamble feature. Find out how each one works by reading our description below.

Purchase Bonus

You can buy the bonus rounds from 9 Coins 1000. There are 4 buy levels, which we will explain below.


The Low bonus costs 50x your stake and allows you to access the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game round with a low bet, combining two Cash symbols and one Cash Infinity.


Costing 75x your bet amount, the Standard is a round where you have Cash, Cash Infinity and Mystery symbols combined to start the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game round.


When purchasing a High bonus of 9 Coins 1000, 2 Cash Infinity symbols and a Mystery are combined to start the bonus round. In this case, the cost is 150x your bet amount.


Last of the bonus buy features, Extreme mode costs 200x your stake and fills 4 boxes with two Infinity Cash, one Mystery and one Mystery Jackpot.

Volatility Selector

9 Coins 1000’s volatility selector allows you to select what degree of volatility you want in this game. It is possible to choose between 3 levels during normal gameplay. However, if you buy the Extreme bonus you will get an even higher level of volatility.

Gamble Feature

With each win in the 9 Coins 1000 slot, it is possible to try to double your winnings by choosing between one of the options that appear on your screen. If you get it right, the amount won will double. However, if you lose, you will lose everything you have gained. Therefore, choose this feature carefully!