Play Mega Wheel Online

Live Mega Wheel online grants you the chance to win up to 500x your stake. Enjoy every spin of the wheel as you try your luck at unlocking the ultimate prize!

Mega Wheel Live casino game interface

About Mega Wheel Live

The Mega Wheel Game is a live game show with huge potential for big wins. And the best part? The game concept is very easy to learn and play! Below, you’ll find some basic information about Mega Wheel Live that’s worth knowing before you get started.

Game: Mega Wheel
Type: Game Show
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Release Date: 2020
RTP: 96.51%
Minimum Bet: $0.20
Maximum Bet: $2,000
Maximum Win: 500x

Why Play Mega Wheel Live at 7JP?

The Mega Wheel casino game takes pride of place here at 7JP! If you like to gamble for real money, know that we prioritize the confidentiality and security of your personal data, as well as first-class customer service so that your stay at our live casino is fun and worry-free!

We focus on providing an exciting, secure, and portfolio-wide platform for those of you who enjoy the Mega Wheel game.

Below, you will find some of the main features that we have implemented that our Canadian players really love about us:

  1. We use SSL Encryption to protect our players’ information.
  2. We are licensed by the authority of Curaçao and respect international standards.
  3. We promote proof of age to prevent the registration of minors under 18 years of age.
  4. We have security protocols to validate data from our users.

How to Play Mega Wheel for Real Money

Concept explained, now let’s come to the most awaited question: how to play Mega Wheel for real money? The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you might think!

Commanded by a live dealer, the Mega Wheel game has incredible multipliers and your mission is to guess the number that will be drawn! The game host will open the betting window and you will have a few seconds to make your selection of numbers. The Mega Wheel has 52 spaces and the numbers you can select are as follows: 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40.

Therefore, the number on which the wheel stops will be the payout amount. Check out the example in practice, if you played on the number 5 and the wheel stops on top of it, the bet amount will be multiplied by 5x. Simple, isn’t it? So, the premise of Mega Wheel Live is to anticipate the numbered segment where the wheel pointer will stop.

Trusting your intuition, you can make your guess on all nine possible outcomes. One number will be the ‘Lucky Mega Number‘ and will give you a sensational multiplier of up to 500x! We are sure that Mega Wheel Live will quickly enter your list of favourite casino games!

Mega Wheel Betting and Payouts

You find 9 different numbers on the Mega Wheel and it’s for you to bet on every single number in a single spin. It’s also possible to change the amount you bet on each number before the wheel spins again. In the table below, we will present the number of segments for each number and the base amount they pay.

Number Segments Payout
1 20 1x
2 13 2x
5 7 5x
8 4 8x
10 4 10x
15 2 15x
20 2 20x
30 1 30x
40 1 40x

Mega Wheel Multipliers

Now let’s dive into the Mega Wheel multipliers, something that makes this live game show even more exciting.

The multiplier is randomly selected from one of the 8 possible outcomes and can reach up to 500x. If you’re lucky and picked the right number, you’ll have a sensational win!

Number Max Multiplier
1 100x
2 200x
5 250x
8 250x
10 250x
15 500x
20 500x
30 500x
40 500x

Mega Wheel Betting Tips

At 7JP, we want you to be able to enjoy Mega Wheel Online to the fullest! With that in mind, we have selected some betting tips so you can analyze whether it is worth adding to your style of play. Keep in mind that these tips will not guarantee you any extra winning potential, but are more guidelines on how to play the game responsibly.

Focus on Numbers 2 & 5

As the rule itself makes very clear, this strategy is based on concentrating your bets on numbers 2 and 5 and hoping that they will get a multiplier. The reasoning here is that 2 and 5 have the best payouts and potential multipliers when compared to the number of segments that they have on the wheel.

Using the “Bet On All” Feature

This may seem very risky but if you are to bet on all numbers at once, you are theoretically increasing your chances of hitting a pretty decent multiplier, even if it takes a few spins to do so.

But, be careful: this strategy is considered risky since it is not known what the multiplier will be and whether your win will cover the amount initially bet.

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