Play Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live by Evolution is packed with bonuses and multipliers up to 20,000x. In one real money spin, you can win up to $500,000!

Crazy Time Live Game Show Wheel

About Crazy Time

Welcome to one of the best live game shows in the world: Crazy Time! Created by Evolution, this game offers up an insane winning potential as well as crazy entertainment with every spin of the wheel.

Crazy Time features 4 great bonus games, each one with its own unique gameplay and winning potential. So, what are you waiting for? Join the show and enjoy the exciting and colourful studio setting and immerse yourself in madness!

Game: Crazy Time
Type: Game Show
Provider: Evolution
Released: 2020
RTP: 95.50%
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $1,000
Maximum Win: 20,000x

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How to Play Crazy Time for Real Money

In the Crazy Time live game, you can place a minimum bet of $010 and a maximum bet of $1,000. The first action is to place your initial bets on the betting segments, i.e. where you believe the wheel of luck will stop.

The visuals of the game are quite striking and it has a presenter who commands the activities on the screen. In addition, you will find all the betting options at the bottom of the screen. You can still wager all 4 bonus rounds at once. Just click on the circle between the 4 numbers to confirm this move.

You also have the opportunity to follow the game information at the bottom right, which displays the winning results of the most recent rounds. And if you want to talk to the presenter, just click on the item ‘click to chat’ at the top left.

When the betting period is over, the presenter spins the wheel, while the Top Slot multiplier can yield a random multiplier for any of the betting segments. Your winnings will be multiplied if the Top Slots Multiplier matches your specific betting segment in the round! In contrast, if the flapper lands on a segment presented with a bonus, that round will begin. Although all players are able to follow the bonus rounds, only those who have placed a bet in the corresponding place are allowed to participate and seek victory.

Crazy Time Betting and Payouts

The big wheel in the base game is divided into 52 different segments with 8 different outcomes in the game. Each outcome has a specific number of segments, depending on the payouts you can expect. The more segments the lower the payout. Find out more about the Crazy Time Wheel segments in the table below.

Bet Number of Segments Payout
1 21 1:1
2 13 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
Coin Flip 4 Up to $500,000
Cash Hunt 2 Up to $500,000
Pachinko 2 Up to $500,000
Crazy Time 1 Up to $500,000

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

In the Crazy Time game, there are 4 bonus rounds! To gain access to these, you will need to wager on the specific game the lucky wheel lands on!

For example, if you bet on the Coin Flip segment and the wheel stops on Cash Hunt, you will not be able to participate in the bonus round – although you will be able to watch the action unfold! Let’s have a look at each of these bonus games below.

Coin Flip

This bonus round is the simplest of all, being a ‘heads or tails’ with these symbols replaced by blue and red. So the coin will decide your luck! With the multipliers for each shade being shown, the coin is placed in the Flip-O-Matic machine. The multiplier corresponds to the profit as per the coin result. Sometimes, a Rescue Flip can occur, with the coin being flipped again to further increase the multiplier.

Cash Hunt

A decision has to be made! A multiplier wall is shown at the beginning of this game show, with varying multiplier values. With the timer counting down and mixing that wall, you’ll need to fire a cannon at the spot that you believe has the highest multiplier. In all, there are 108 different multipliers available in this round and you will find out the result at the end of the round. But if the cannon is not fired within the time, the choice will be made randomly!


This round has a wall full of obstacles. For this bonus game, the host of Crazy Time Live will have the responsibility of dropping a puck into the top of the Pachinko board. This puck will then make its way down the board, with its journey being interrupted by a number of pegs along the way.

The multipliers will be at the bottom and where the puck lands, the number will be assigned to the round’s winnings. There is still the chance of the ball stopping in the Double Box, with the ball being played again aiming for even greater gains!

Crazy Time

The name of the game show comes from this last bonus round! You will discover a new wheel with 64 squares and 3 flappers. Once this bonus round starts, you will have a set amount of time to decide which of the 3 flappers you want to grab a win from when the wheel stops.

When the wheel stops, you will receive the multiplier that stops on your chosen flapper. There’s also the chance that you grab a “Double” or “Triple” segment, when this happens, you get to spin the wheel again and all winnings will be doubled or tripled!

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