Play Boom City Live

Get ready for the explosive fun of Boom City, the live game where you bet on dice rolls and bonus squares for explosive wins up to 20,000x!

About Boom City

Boom City is an exciting and unique addition to our live casino that combines the elements of a TV game show with a video game. It features an impressive main game and three bonus games – Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust. The game also includes a special event called PowerUP, which boosts multipliers even higher.

The game is hosted by entertaining hosts who create an immersive playing experience. It features a large TV wall with 36 fields representing different game outcomes, including Bronze-1x, Silver-2x, and Gold-5x. These numbers correspond to the payouts, and there are also fields for the special features mentioned earlier. There is also a Bust field, which results in an instant game over.

Choose from six betting options, three for straight multipliers and three for unique bonus games. The outcome of the game is determined by two dice rolls, and you earn payouts by correctly predicting the outcome. The special features can also multiply the initial bet for additional wins. Boom City is a fantastic addition to the live game shows category so check it out now!

Game: Boom City
Release date: July 2022
Provider: Pragmatic Play
RTP: 96.21%
Features: Multipliers
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $1,000
Max Win: 20,000x

How to Play Boom City

To start playing, wait for the message “PLEASE, PLACE YOUR BETS” and select the value of the chips you want to wager. Place the chips on the corresponding bet spots on the layout. Bets can be placed until “BETS CLOSED” is announced. The game starts with the launch of both dice shakers. The outcome of each roll determines the game outcome. If your bets cover the winning field, you receive winnings according to the odds.

Dice Battle Bonus Game

If you place a bet on a Dice Battle spot and the outcome is Dice Battle, you qualify for the bonus game. Choose a side (gold or blue) and predict which side will get the highest score. Each die has 3 rolls, and the total score determines the outcome. The higher the score, the bigger the multiplier. The winner gets an additional multiplier equal to the score of the losing side.

Lucky Drop Bonus Game

If you place a bet on a Lucky Drop spot and the outcome is Lucky Drop, you qualify for the bonus game. Six columns are populated with multipliers, and the goal is to predict the column with the highest outcome. Each die has 3 rolls, and the outcome of each column is determined. Multipliers are added to the columns as the rolls progress.

Boom or Bust Bonus Game

If you place a bet on a Boom or Bust spot and the outcome is Boom or Bust, you qualify for the bonus game. Advance through levels by deciding whether to take the offered money or continue playing for a higher payout. The game consists of 8 levels with different fields and multipliers. Make decisions at each level and cash out at any time. The fireproof multiplier cannot be lost.

Boom City Payouts

In the game, you can place bets on six different spots. You win if the dice combination shows a field with your chosen symbol and lose if it shows a field without your wager or a Bust field. You can cover all six bet spots in one round.

  • Bronze: 1x payout with 12 to 13 fields
  • Silver: 2x payout with 9 to 11 fields
  • Gold: 5x payout with 4 to 6 fields
  • Dice Battle: payout according to Bonus Game outcome
  • Lucky Drop: payout according to Bonus Game outcome
  • Boom or Bust: payout according to Bonus Game outcome (0 to 1 field)
  • PowerUP: Multiplier generated between 2x to 5x. If multiple PowerUP occur in a row, their multipliers are multiplied together

Gameplay with PowerUP

  • Bust fields are replaced with Bronze fields (20x to 50x) on the first PowerUP after a game round begins
  • A random multiplier (2x to 5x) is chosen from 24 fields on the wall
  • Bets remain, objects stay in position, and multiplier indicators are displayed
  • Winning wagers are multiplied by the PowerUP multiplier
  • If the PowerUP sector is rolled again, a new set of multipliers are distributed and the game continues
  • After 5 consecutive PowerUP triggers, all PowerUP fields become Gold with a 50x payout.

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