Play Spin Strike Online

Step into the cricket pitch with Turbo Games’ latest sensation, Spin Strike. Choose your colour and watch the money wheel spin for big wins up to 14x!

About Spin Strike

A part of the exciting Cricket Arena line, this game captures the spirit of cricket and injects it into a thrilling, luck-based crash game experience. Whether you’re a cricket fanatic or just a casual gamer looking for an innovative game to enjoy, the Spin Strike casino game offers a unique blend of sports and gaming that will keep you coming back for more.

Game: Spin Strike
Release Date: April 2023
Provider: Turbo Games
RTP: 93.5%
Minimum Bet: R$ 0.1
Maximum Bet: R$ 500
Maximum Win: 14x (R$ 7,000)

How to Play Spin Strike for Real Money

The Spin Strike game offers simple and intuitive gameplay. The gaming field is presented as a half-wheel containing 15 sectors, 14 of which are coloured green and blue and one special orange sector that houses a 14x multiplier, the highest in the game.

To begin, you choose the colour of your lucky team and place your bet within the 15-second time limit. Once the bet is placed and the timer runs out, the circle spins and the anticipation begins! If the circle stops on a sector that matches the colour of your chosen team, you’re a winner! It’s as straightforward as that.

While the rules of this online casino game might be simple, the excitement it generates is anything but. It’s the perfect blend of luck and anticipation, wrapped in an accessible and fun package.

Spin Strike Features

One of the key features of ‘Spin Strike’ is its design, reflecting the world of cricket. The colours used for the sectors represent teams, adding to the immersion and enhancing the connection to the sport. This simple touch adds a layer of personal investment for the players and makes each spin feel like a critical cricket match.

The Orange Multiplier

The inclusion of the orange sector, offering a hefty x14 multiplier, is another standout feature. It’s the game’s equivalent of hitting a six in cricket – a thrilling moment that can turn the game around instantly.

Player Results

In the middle of the game’s interface, you will be able to see statistics on the number of players betting on each of the 3 colours. You’ll also be able to see their user names and how much they are betting and the total amount bet on each of the 3 segments.

Game Rounds

At the top of the interface for the Spin Strike game, you will also find the previous results for the last number of rounds. While this is interesting to see, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Spin Strike online casino game is completely random so don’t try and find any patterns when you’re playing!

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