Play Spaceman Online

Blast off into the stars with the Spaceman online game from Pragmatic Play! Cash out at the right moment for astronomical wins of up to 5,000x!

About Spaceman

So, let’s go to the details of the Spaceman Game so you know everything before you start playing for real money. The game is part of the crash games phenomenon, a new craze that has taken our online casino by storm! 

What makes the game so popular you ask? The Spaceman gameplay is very easy to follow – simply watch the astronaut float through space while increasing the winning multiplier as they go deeper into the cosmos. Since space is infinite, you can expect the possibility of truly massive wins here!

Pragmatic Play, a true powerhouse of casino entertainment, has created a visually pleasing game here that really leans into the whole space theme. With planets floating by in the background and futuristic sounds playing throughout, the game really looks and feels the part!

Below, you’ll find out more about this game and how to play it for real money in our online casino for Canadian players!

Game: Spaceman
Released: March 2022
Provider: Pragmatic Play
RTP: 96,50%
Features: Aposta Automática, Retiro Automático, Saque de 50%
Minimum Bet: $2
Maximum Bet: $130
Maximum Win: 5,000x

Why Play Spaceman on 7JP?

We offer one of the best Spaceman casino experiences in Canada! We put a lot of effort into, and remain committed to creating, a safe and fun environment for out to enjoy playing Spaceman and any other online casino games that you enjoy playing.

This dedication has made us an online casino respected throughout the country. Below, we have listed some of the most important features that we can offer you:

  • A super fast-loading website that is responsive on all devices.
  • We’re fully regulated with a Curaçao gambling license.
  • Local Canadian payment methods such as Interac and iDebit.
  • Awesome promotions that you can claim regularly.

How to Play Spaceman for Real Money

The wonderful thing about Spaceman is that the concept is so easy to grasp. In fact, after watching a few rounds, you should be able to start playing for real money. Just in case you’re wondering how to actually get set up and start playing, we’ve created a quick how-to guide to get you started.

  1. Create your 7JP account: You will need to register with 7JP Canada before you can play. It takes less than 5 minutes to create your account!
  2. Make your first deposit: You will need to deposit money into your account before you can start playing Spaceman for real money. Access the payments by tapping on the icon in the top right corner.
  3. Start playing Spaceman: Once the funds have been added, all you need to do is set the amount you want to bet and let the game begin!
  4. Enjoy the game: As the multiplier and spaceman go up, you need to find the perfect moment to cash out your money before the explosion occurs and the round ends!
  5. Withdraw your winnings or keep playing: At the end of the round, if you were lucky and won some cash, you can decide whether you want to withdraw your winnings or leave them in your account for another time!

How to Win Spaceman

Now that you are already aware of how to play the Spaceman betting game, it’s time to explain how to bet for real money. After confirming the amount of your bet, the astronaut starts the flight and the multiplier starts to rise rapidly, starting at 1x and reaching up to 5,000x.

The Spaceman game round begins with the astronaut taking off into the depths of outer space. As he does so, the multiplier will rapidly increase from 1x until an explosion occurs, he releases some balloons and the round ends.

So, if you are to win when playing Spaceman online, your mission will be to successfully cash out your winnings before the little guy crashes and the game round ends. Once a round ends, there are 3 potential outcomes that you can expect (two of which involve you winning the game):

  1. You cashed out too soon and missed winning potentially more.
  2. You cashed out just before the crash, meaning you got an optimal win.
  3. You failed to cash out before the crash. Better luck next time!

Remember that you can finish the round whenever you want, just click on the “CASHOUT” button that appears on your screen.

Spaceman Betting Features

Betting on Spaceman is just as easy as the gameplay. All you need to do is place a bet between the minimum of $2 and the maximum of $130. To speed things up, Pragmatic Play has added betting amounts in the interface. Tap on the $1, $5, $10 or $25 options to add this amount to your existing bet size.

On top of all of this, there are several other Spaceman betting features that add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. Let’s have a look at these below!

50% Cashout

When you’re betting on Spaceman online, you will be given the option to cash out 50% of your bet at any time. Basically, this feature lets you keep 50% of your bet in the game if you feel like the round might keep going.

This a very cool feature that is exclusive to Spaceman! For example, Aviator – another crash game that Canadians are really enjoying at the moment – does not have this feature.

Auto Play

Are you looking to make the most out of every Spaceman round played? Then the Auto Play feature is for you! This basically makes it so that you don’t miss a single round of the game. 

With Spaceman’s Auto Play feature, you can set the game to always add you into a round using the same bet amount that you had when you set the autoplay feature up. You can choose to play 5, 10, 50 or 100 rounds automatically.

Auto Cashout

To make things even easier for you, you can also set an automatic cashout where the game will cash you out one a predefined multiplier is reached. So, for example, you can set it up so that you’re cash out when the game reaches a 2.0x multiplier.

In Spaceman for betting, you even have the chance to set an automatic amount to withdraw. For example, you estimate a security multiplier to be 2.0x. You can even set a 50% auto cashout too!

Spaceman Game Tips

After a few rounds of the Spaceman casino game, you’ll be thoroughly familiar with how it works. But if you want to further optimize your game, there are several tips you can use.

However, let’s make something very clear here. We’ve selected some Spaceman betting tips to make your experience with us even better. However, remember that this is a game of luck and there is no 100% guarantee of winning when following these suggestions.

Avoid Finding Patterns

As we mentioned above, Spaceman is a game of luck and has no patterns. Therefore, it is unwise to try and find any patterns in the multipliers from previous rounds. The game is created to be completely random so it is literally impossible for any patterns to form in the game.

Start by Betting $2

For the first 10 or so rounds, you should probably start out by betting the lowest amount possible just so you can become familiar with the pace of the game. That way, you will be able to extend your gaming session, giving you more opportunities to find a round with a massive multiplier.

Aim for Cashout at 1.2x

The saying “slow and steady wins the race” comes to mind here. The main idea here is that the Spaceman game might be less likely to crash at a lower multiplier than if you were to try and wait it out of a 100x multiplier round. So, by doing this, you will be able to add up a lot of small wins over time. Be careful though as the game is random so it’s just as likely to crash at the lower multipliers too!

Use the 50% Cashout to your Advantage

In the Spaceman casino game, the 50% cashout can turn into a very smart strategy. This is because you can ensure that you will always have part of your money back, in addition to being able to schedule the time you find most convenient to withdraw the money.

Spaceman Features

There’s even more to the Spaceman game than meets the eye and its great features are a real testament to this! You thought it was just a basic casino game, didn’t you? Well, think again! Below you’ll find out more about the amazing features that Spaceman has.

Live Chat

The live chat feature is really cool to see as it’s something that you would only ever find in live casino games historically. The chat allows you to comment and interact with other players about their performances in previous rounds, values achieved and other random things that happen in Spaceman. Send good luck messages, celebrate big wins or simply send funny messages to others – the choice is yours as long as you’re being respectful!

Live Support

Are you having some issues with the gameplay? Or just some questions about how the game works? Whatever you may need help with, you will be able to access Pragmatic Play’s live chat support directly from Spaceman’s game interface.

The support box is clearly visible so you know who to turn to whenever you need it. Therefore, this help is at your disposal to clarify doubts and prevent the pace of your game from dropping.

Round History and Statistics

It’s always worth checking Spaceman’s stats. Even if the results are totally unpredictable, it’s still interesting to see how the last number of games played out. In this section, you will be able to check a minimum of 100 rounds up to a maximum of 500. The multipliers are colour-coded too so you can easily spot when there were some really big wins in the game.

About Pragmatic Play: Spaceman Game Creator

Pragmatic Play is the mind behind the Spaceman casino game. Founded in 2015, the company has quickly become one of the best providers of online casino slots and live casino games in the world!

They have made some of the most popular games such as Sweet Bonanza and the ever-popular Big Bass series of games. Not to mention that they have won multiple awards for their games too – Gates of Olympus, for example, took home the “Slot of the Year” award in 2022.

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