Spaceman – The Astronaut Game

Spaceman is an innovative and engaging crash game developed by Pragmatic Play. This thrilling game takes you on a cosmic journey, allowing them to soar through the universe while having the opportunity to win big!

About Spaceman

Spaceman is a crash game with a captivating space theme. You must decide on a bet amount before a rocket ship launches into the cosmos. As the rocket ascends, a multiplier value increases in real time, representing your potential winnings.

The game’s unpredictable nature makes it an exciting experience, as the rocket could crash at any moment, or it could soar to astronomical heights, resulting in massive payouts. The crash point is determined by a random number generator, ensuring that each round is entirely unique and fair.

How to Play Spaceman

Playing Spacema in our online casino is straightforward and enjoyable. To play Spaceman, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up or login in: Start by signing up or logging in to your casino account at 7JP.
  2. Load the game: Locate Spaceman in the casino’s game library and launch the game. Wait for the game to load and familiarize yourself with the user interface.
  3. Set your bet amount: Before the rocket ship launches, choose the amount you want to bet for the upcoming round. The bet size can usually be adjusted by clicking the plus or minus buttons next to the bet amount display.
  4. Observe the rocket launch: Once the betting phase is over, the rocket will launch into space. As the rocket ascends, the multiplier value will increase in real-time, representing the potential winnings for that round.
  5. Cash out before the crash: The goal is to cash out before the rocket crashes, which can happen at any moment. To cash out, click the “Cash Out” button on the user interface. Alternatively, you can set an automatic cash out point before the rocket launches, and the game will automatically cash out your bet once that multiplier value is reached.
  6. Collect your winnings: If you successfully cash out before the rocket crashes, your winnings will be calculated based on your initial bet amount multiplied by the cash-out multiplier. Your winnings will be added to your casino account balance.
  7. Repeat the process: The game will automatically move on to the next round, allowing you to place another bet and try your luck again.

Spaceman Game Features

Spaceman offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. The game features and mechanics that make Spaceman stand out are:

Random Number Generator (RNG)

To ensure fairness and unpredictability, Spaceman uses an RNG to determine the crash point of the rocket. This guarantees that each round is entirely unique and impossible to predict, making the game both challenging and exciting.

Manual and Automatic Cash-Out Options

You have the choice to manually cash out during the rocket’s ascent by clicking the “Cash Out” button or setting an automatic cash-out point before the launch. The automatic cash-out feature allows you to predetermine your exit point, minimizing impulsive decisions during the game.

Dynamic Multiplier

The multiplier in Spaceman increases as the rocket ascends, creating an exhilarating gaming experience. The higher the rocket goes, the larger the potential payout, but the risk of crashing also increases. This adds a layer of strategic decision-making to the game.

Visually Immersive Experience

Spaceman features stunning visuals and animations that transport you into a cosmic atmosphere. The graphics showcase a futuristic space station, celestial bodies, and the rocket’s journey through space, creating a truly captivating gaming experience.

User-friendly Interface

Spaceman’s user interface is sleek and easy to navigate, allowing you to focus on the gameplay without distractions. The interface includes buttons to adjust the bet amount, cash out, and set an automatic cash-out point.

Wide Betting Range

The game caters to players with various bankrolls, offering a wide range of bet amounts. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the game according to your preferences and budgets.

Spaceman Strategies and Tips

While Spaceman is primarily a game of chance, you can employ various strategies to maximize your winning potential. Here are some tips to consider when playing this casino crash game:

Set a budget

Before you begin playing, determine a budget for your gaming session. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure responsible gaming.

Establish a Cash-out Point

Determine a specific multiplier value at which you will cash out. This can help you stay disciplined and avoid succumbing to the temptation of chasing higher multipliers.

Use The Automatic Cash-Out Feature

By setting an automatic cash-out point, you remove the need for manual intervention, reducing the likelihood of making impulsive decisions during the heat of the game.

Diversify Your Bet Amount

Instead of always betting the same amount, try varying your bet sizes. This can help you manage your bankroll more effectively and make the game more engaging.

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