Play Plinko Online

The simple but highly lucrative online Plinko game allows you to win up to 555x the value of your bet. Play Plinko here!

About Plinko Game

Plinko originated from the TV quiz show “The Price is Right”, popular in the United States and adopted in many other countries.

The version you can play here is one of the most popular crash games in our casino. In this version, you release a small disc from the top of the Plinko casino game board. This disc crashes against the pegs on the board until it lands on one of the squares at the bottom of the board.

Each square has a number, and your wins will be multiplied by the corresponding number on the square that it lands in. Find out more about how to play Plinko online below!

Game: Plinko
Released: January 2020
Provider: Spribe
RTP: 97.00%
Features: 3 betting levels, custom pins numbers
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $100
Max Win: 555x

How to Play Plinko for Real Money

The Plinko casino game gives you the ease of playing even if you don’t know the rules. As far as online casino games go, it is a very simple game: all you need to do is set the bet amount and choose the coloured disc you want to play with. To help you understand it better, we explain how a Plinko casino round works in a few steps:

  1. Enter the game here at 7JP Canada, after you have deposited money into your account.
  2. Choose the amount you want to play with, the number of pins and the colour of your bet.
  3. Your bet will be placed and the disc will fall.
  4. Depending on the square it lands on, you will be paid an amount of money equal to the number of that square times the amount of money you have wagered.
  5. Start playing, and win real money if you’re lucky!

Plinko Betting

Before playing Plinko, it is important to know in depth how the game’s betting system works.

Let’s see what are the minimum and maximum payouts of the game according to the colours you bet on and the number of pins:

  • Green: With 12 pins: 0.5x up to 11x; with 14 pins: 0.5x up to 18x; with 16 pins: 0.4x up to 35x.
  • Yellow: With 12 pins: 0.3x to 25x; with 14 pins: 0.2x to 55x; with 16 pins: 0.2x to 118x.
  • Red: With 12 pins: 0x to 141x; with 14 pins: 0x to 353x; with 16 pins: 0x to 555x.

Number of pins

The number of pins, as you have just seen, determines the amount of money a win pays. To be clear, editing the number of pins will determine how many pins there are in each row, not the entire board. You have three options:

  • 12 pins
  • 14 pins
  • 16 pins

Since the number of pins makes it more difficult for the disc to reach the numbers that pay the most money, this implies that doing so increases the risk of playing the Plinko online game.

Dropping More Than One Disc

In this Plinko casino game, it’s possible to drop more than one disc at a time. You can click the button of the colour you want to bet on as many times as you like and you will see multiple discs fall at the same time. The game gives you the option to drop as many discs as you want, changing the colour as you prefer.

Automatic Betting

The Plinko game gives you an additional option that you can use if you prefer to play at a faster pace: the automatic bet. With it, you will be able to modify criteria such as:

  • The colours of the disc you want to bet on.
  • The number of rounds.
  • Stop playing if your balance falls below a certain amount.
  • Stop playing if your winnings reach a certain amount.

If you click on the “More options” button, the game will also allow you to increase or decrease the amount of money you bet if you win or lose, or to stop playing if your balance goes over an amount you indicate. You can make the game release several discs consecutively.

Plinko Betting Tips

Plinko is a game that is packed with amazing features. Spribe’s version is one of the most popular ones out there, and for good reason: it is extremely versatile and accepts users with all kinds of budgets.

Play with Green Discs

If you’re new to playing Plinko online, the best way to bet for the first time is to put your money on the green discs, as this is the lowest volatility way to play.

You will notice that the green row of the game has the lowest payout, but it is also the one that gives you the best chance of at least matching the amount of money wagered.

Start with Small Bets

One of the great advantages of this fantastic game is that you can bet super low amounts of money. If you start with bets of $0.10 per disc, you will risk little money to begin with and you will be able to see if this game is for you.

Start with One Disc

It’s tempting enough to bet on as many discs as the game allows, but starting with a single disc is the best option for beginners.

If you’re looking to entertain yourself for a good while and want to make your budget go as far as possible, then this is the game mode to go for.

Provably Fair Technology

The Plinko casino game is safe and guarantees legitimate results thanks to the Provably Fair technology that makes it impossible for a third party to influence the outcome of the game. In addition, it allows any player to verify the legitimacy of the results.

The system works as follows:

  1. A system of “seeds” is used, which are automatically generated numbers, both on the operator’s side and on the user’s side.
  2. A seed is generated for the client, on your side, at the moment of playing.
  3. When a round starts, both seeds are combined so that a new number appears.
  4. Depending on the number that appears, the outcome of the round is determined (in this case, the number determines where each disc will end up).

About Spribe: Creator of Plinko

Spribe rose to fame in 2019 when the company released its flagship crash game Aviator. Since then, it has established itself as a top-tier software developer.

The company was recognized for creating the Crash Game of the Year in 2019 at the prestigious SiGMA Awards gala. If you want to try any of Spribe’s Crash Games in a totally secure online environment, then 7JP is the casino for you.

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