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The Mines casino game from Spribe is a highly interactive game that gives you the choice to make your own decisions on how you want to play for real money!

Mines online casino game interface

About Mines

Remember Minesweeper? Well, the concept is back in the form of a new and improved real-money casino game! It’s been a long time since the original Windows 95 game has been around, the idea is still alive and well!

Its ease of play, high multipliers, unique design and the fact that it is developed by an extremely reliable company make the Mine casino game a popular crash game for Canadian players. We’re sure you already know how to play this one, even if you’ve never tried it before!

Game: Mines
Release Date: 2021
Provider Spribe
RTP: 97%
Features: Multipliers, customizable amount of mines
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $100

7JP: A Great Mines Casino!

Here at 7JP, we focus on creating a reliable, safe and fun environment for you to play Mines and other games. That’s why we’ve put in place a number of features to make your experience with this type of game the best it can be.

  • A super fast-loading website that’s optimized for mobile devices
  • Curaçao gaming license following international gambling regulation
  • Popular payment methods in Canada like Interac.

So when choosing 7JP online casino for your enjoyment, rest assured that you have made the best choice of all to play Mines casino game!

How to Play Mines for Real Money

Playing Mines for real money is extremely simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Register: the 1st step to playing Mines for real money is to register at 7JP Canada. In this case, all you need to do is click on the register option, fill out the registration form and confirm your account.
  2. Make your 1st deposit: Go to the deposit area, choose the desired method – we recommend Interac – and then enter the data and the amount to make your contribution.
  3. Place your bet: within the Mines game, choose the value of your bet and the number of bombs that will be present in the round. When you find the amount you want, click to bet and start clicking on the squares to find stars – if you’re lucky.
  4. Win: once you have found stars, it’s time to cash out your winnings by clicking the “cash out” button in the Mines game.
  5. Withdraw your winnings: your balance will be updated when you win and you can click on your account menu, then on the withdraw option and finally request to withdraw your winnings.

How to Win Money in the Mines Game

Winning money with a bet in the Mines game happens when you bet and withdraw your winnings before you find a bomb. That’s all there is to it, however, there are a few elements that are worth considering.

The more mines you add, the harder it will be to find stars. For example, if you place only one bomb, the payout for a $1 bet is only $1.01 for the first star you find. After all, the probability of you hitting a star is very high.

However, if you add the maximum of 20 bombs, then a $1 bet will return $4.85 for the first star you hit – without encountering any bombs along the way. The further you go, the more likely you are to find a bomb and therefore the higher the payout for each star you reveal.

Mines Bets

Unlike other crash games, it is only possible to place one bet in Mines. That is, you cannot place two bets on the same round. In this case, the dynamics of betting on the Mines game are quite simple.

You place your bet after entering the desired stake and clicking the “bet” button. This will place your bet and the round will begin. Now, it’s time to click on the squares to try and find the stars – remember, you have to avoid the bombs!

It’s worth noting that the amount you bet in the Mines game has absolutely no impact on whether or not you are likely to hit a bomb. But it does have a direct impact on your winnings. After all, this crash game allows bets between 10c and $100 – amounts that fit any budget.

When you feel it’s time to settle your bet in Mines, click the “Cash Out” button and withdraw the winnings of the round before you find a bomb on the way.

Number of Mines

To understand the impact of the number of Mines on the number of winnings you can have per spin, we ran a test changing the number of bombs, but keeping the same bet amount – in this case, $1. The numbers below represent the potential win when you find only 1 star.

No. of Mines Win Potential Potential Gain %
1 $ 1.01 1%
2 $ 1.05 5%
3 $ 1.1 10%
4 $ 1.15 15%
5 $ 1.21 21%
6 $ 1.27 27%
7 $ 1.34 34%
8 $ 1.42 42%
9 $ 1.51 51%
10 $ 1.61 61%
11 $ 1.73 73%
12 $ 1.86 86%
13 $ 2.02 102%
14 $ 2.2 120%
15 $ 2.42 142%
16 $ 2.69 169%
17 $ 3.03 203%
18 $ 3.46 246%
19 $ 4.04 304%
20 $ 4.85 385%

In summary, a bet on Mines of $1 with 20 bombs among the 25 available squares can return $4.85 the first time you click. This represents a potential win of 385% – excluding the stake amount.

As you can see, the greater the number of mines for the same bet amount, the greater the payout. In theory, the further you go forward, the higher the percentage will be, as the greater the chances that you will find a bomb.

Mines Automatic Bets

When placing a bet on Mines, you can take advantage of the Autobet feature. This option saves you the trouble of having to click every round to place your bet.

In this case, you define the amount to be bet and the tiles you want to always be selected in each round. With this, Mines will run automatically and you will be able to participate in the rounds much faster without having to keep clicking

Some important elements of automatic play in Mines are as follows:

  • Number of rounds: here you can choose between 3, 10, 25, 100, 200 or even 500 rounds in which the autoplay will take place.
  • Stop when balance decreases to: This feature works like a stop loss. That is, the bet on Mines will stop when your balance reaches a certain amount less than the amount you had when you started the game.
  • Stop if a single game win is greater than: If you are aiming to win a specific amount in the spin, then you can set the game to stop when that amount is reached.
  • Stop when your balance reaches: this feature is the opposite of stop loss, as you will stop when your balance reaches a specific amount – which must be greater than the amount you had when you started playing.
  • If I lose: this option allows you to set an increase or decrease in the amount bet in case you lose the round, or else you can select that nothing is changed either.
  • If I win: in the case of winning, it is possible to define whether you want to increase or decrease the amount bet, as well as whether you prefer to leave it the same as it was.

How to Use Autoplay in Mines

The steps you must take to use autoplay in Mines are as follows:

  1. Set your bet amount
  2. Enable the “Auto Game” icon
  3. Choose the squares you want to be revealed each auto-round
  4. Click on the central button and define the parameters of your automatic game
  5. Select the “Start Auto” button
  6. Hope you win!

You can stop the automatic Mines game feature at any time by clicking on the red button between your bet amount and the “bet” button. So if you feel like you don’t want to continue, don’t worry, you’re in control!

Mines Betting Tips

If you’re looking to improve the way you play Mines, then these tips that we have laid out for you should be worth looking through! Keep in mind that, since the game is based entirely on luck and is completely random, these tips won’t guarantee any wins for you.

Remember it’s Random

As we briefly mentioned already, the Mines betting game is completely random. The technology behind this crash game – and other titles in this category – is Provably Fair Technology. This ensures that each round is 100% randomized and completely impossible to predict, so it’s important that you don’t look for any patterns.

So forget the lucky number, magic square or any other superstition. Focus on the objective: find stars and withdraw your winnings before you find a bomb.

Start by Betting with 10 cent Bets

Are you new to Mines casino game? Already have experience with crash games, but still feel insecure in this game? In that case, our recommendation is that you start by betting small.

The Mines game allows minimum bets of just 10c. So, start with a small bet, test the features, see how the game works in practice and, when you feel comfortable, increase the value of the bet.

If 10c is too little, try to start betting 50c and change the number of mines to understand how the multiplier works.

Cash Out Before Clearing the Board

It’s tempting to keep looking for stars, as the multiplier for each star you find increases as the game goes on. The phrase “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” comes to mind here. As in it’s better to have a small, secure win than the possibility of a bigger one.

It’s better to withdraw your winnings early than try to go for the maximum gain and lose it all. When you feel that you have gained an interesting amount, then try to go further.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for any casino game is essential. When you reach the amount you set to bet on the game of your choice, you can stop playing so you don’t lose more than your bankroll allows.

So always before you start playing Mines make sure that you have set a budget to avoid problems that can happen when you lose more than you could.

About Spribe: The Creators of Mines

Spribe is a developer of innovative casino games. In addition to Mines, this company has created other extremely popular crash game titles in Canada, such as the all-time favourite, Aviator.

Founded in 2018, Spribe has already been recognized globally as one of the most innovative game providers out there. Their unique approach to creating interactive games that are completely different from traditional slots really makes them stand out from the crowd.

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