Play Hi Lo for Real Money

Developed by Spribe, the Hi Lo casino game is an engaging, fast-paced card game that takes a simple concept and adds a unique twist. Play it now!

About Hi Lo

At its core, the Hi Lo casino game is a crash game where chance meets the calculated risk of prediction. The aim is to anticipate if the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the current one. It’s a classic high-low game on steroids, keeping you on the edge of your seat with each flip of a card!

Game: Hi Lo
Release Date: 2021
Provider: Spribe
RTP: 97%
Minimum Bet: R$ 1
Maximum Bet: R$ 500

How to Play Hi Lo for Real Money

The Hi Lo online game starts by showing you a card. Your task is to predict the nature of the next card in line. Will it be higher, lower, or the same as the one in your view? To make your prediction, you simply click the “High or same” or “Low or same” button.

The element of control in this game is where the strategy comes in and is a very unique element that is rarely seen in any online casino games available. After each correct guess, you have the option to cash out and take your winnings. The question then becomes, do you trust your luck and keep going, or do you play it safe and secure your winnings? It’s a perfect balance of risk and reward, requiring both courage and calculation.

Hi Lo Features

Apart from its primary play mechanism, The Hi Lo online game incorporates a slick, user-friendly interface that highlights the cards, making it easy to follow the game’s progression. It’s quick to pick up and play, yet offers enough depth to keep you engaged for long sessions.

Cash Out

The cash-out feature puts a significant amount of power and choice in your hands, creating moments of tension and relief, depending on the choice made.


The Hi Lo casino game’s interface displays the potential multiplier that you will gain from choosing one option or the other. This is a good indication of how risky it will be to choose one option. For example, if the last card drawn is a Queen, the “High or same” option will give much higher odds than the “Low or same” option

Previous Rounds

At the top of the game’s interface, you will find all of the previous cards that were played since you joined the game. While there are no patterns in the game at all, it’s still interesting to see what cards have been drawn so far and how far into the game you have come!

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Overall, Spribe’s Hi Lo real money game is an engaging twist on a classic concept. It’s fast-paced, straightforward yet nuanced, and guarantees a healthy dose of suspense and fun.

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