Goal Betting Game

Spribe’s Goal game combines the excitement of soccer with strategic decision-making to create a minefield of big wins and even bigger entertainment!

About Goal Casino Game

The Goal game is an online casino game that consists of a field that contains various options and lines. To progress with the ball, you must select the correct square while avoiding the mines to prevent losing the game. Succeeding in avoiding the explosion enables you to keep advancing toward the objective of reaching the other side of the field.

As you advance a line, the multiplier increases, and you can decide to cash out your bet at any point during the game. The game ends once you choose to cash out.

How to Play Goal for Real Money

Goal is one of the most popular crash games that can be played at 7JP casino. Here’s how to play:

  1. Log in to your 7JP account and make sure you have deposited funds.
  2. Select the game and choose your desired field size: small, medium, or large.
  3. The game screen will display a grid of squares with options and lines. To begin, select a square on the field.
  4. After selecting a square, the ball will move forward on the selected line. If you encounter a mine, the game will end, and you will lose. If you successfully avoid the mines, you can continue to progress toward the other side of the field.
  5. Each time you advance a line, the multiplier will increase. You can cash out your bet at any point during the game by selecting the “Cash Out” button.
  6. If you successfully reach the other side of the field without hitting a mine, you will win the game.

Goal Betting Options

The Goal game includes three different field sizes:

  • Small field: Includes 4 lines with 3 options on each.
  • Medium field: Includes 7 lines with 4 options on each.
  • Large field: Includes 10 lines with 5 options on each.

About Spribe: The Creator of Goal

Spribe is an innovative online gaming provider with a strong focus on creating unique and exciting games. The company holds over 15 certificates and licenses from reputable gaming authorities, ensuring their games are fair and secure.

Spribe’s games are designed with cutting-edge technology and feature engaging gameplay mechanics that set them apart from traditional casino games. With a dedication to innovation and a commitment to player satisfaction, Spribe continues to establish itself as a leading provider of casino games.

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