Double Roll

Turbo Games presents Double Roll, a fresh reinterpretation of the iconic game of roulette! Bet on red, black or green for wins up to 14x!

About Double Roll

This crash game pays homage to the origins of roulette, often credited to Blaise Pascal’s idea of a perpetual motion machine. Double Roll captures this spirit of constant movement, crafting an endlessly spinning gaming experience that’s both familiar and innovative!

Game: Double Roll
Release Date: December 2022
Provider: Turbo Games
RTP: 93.5%
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $100
Maximum Win: 14x ($1,400)

How to Play Double Roll

Double Roll’s striking design includes an unending spinning line with 15 sectors, split between red and black, and a green sector representing zero. The gameplay is straightforward and accessible, capturing the essence of classic roulette.

Simply place your bets on the sector you think the index finger will point to, choosing between red, black, or green. The red and black options will pay 2x your bet as there are an equal number of these – 7 each. While the green will pay a much higher amount of 14x.

After placing bets, players are divided into three teams corresponding to the colours. This unique feature significantly increases the level of engagement and camaraderie, adding another layer of excitement!

Double Roll Features

While this online casino game keeps things simple, there are still a couple of great features that enhance the gameplay. Find out more below!

Three Teams

Double Roll stands out with its team-based approach. The division of players into teams according to their bets is a clever twist that brings a sense of unity and competition, adding an extra thrill to each spin.

Game History

The game also includes a visual on the results of the last 18 rounds. This is done in a very simple way, showing the colours that landed. This allows you to see how the game has been paying out – keep in mind that each game round is completely random and there are no patterns to be found here.

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