Play Balloon Online for Real Money

Venture into the sky with SmartSoft Gaming’s Balloon casino game, an inventive game that combines strategic betting with an engagingly simple concept!

About Balloon

Venture into the sky with SmartSoft Gaming’s Balloon, a new crash game that takes the anticipation of watching a balloon inflate, while hoping it doesn’t explode! Each second counts in the Balloon casino game and the excitement builds with the balloon’s size. Each play is a tightrope walk between holding on a little longer for a bigger win and the potential crash!

Game: Balloon
Release Date: 2019
Provider: SmartSort Gaming
RTP: 98%
Minimum Bet: R$ 0.1
Maximum Bet: R$ 500

How to Play Balloon for Real Money

The gameplay in the Balloon online game is as straightforward as it gets. To start, you choose your bet, which can be as low as R$ 0.10 and as high as R$ 500. Once you’ve decided on your stake, the real fun begins.

You then click and hold the purple button to start inflating the balloon. Here’s where your nerve is tested: you must release the button just before the balloon pops. If you time it right, you win! As you inflate the balloon, it will change from a yellow colour to a deep red and it will start to float away into the sky.

What’s key here is that the game’s outcome isn’t influenced by your speed or skill; instead, it’s all about the anticipation and the fun of risk versus reward that is not seen often in our online casino – at least not on such a simplistic level.

Balloon Features

One of the standout features in Balloon is the escalating multiplier, dependent on the balloon’s size. The balloon’s value starts with your initial bet and can skyrocket up to a whopping R$ 50,000, based on a R$ 500 bet! The potential win amount is calculated by multiplying the balloon’s value by your initial bet, meaning the rewards can be truly sky-high.

In terms of presentation, the Balloon game adopts a straightforward, visually appealing interface that keeps your focus squarely on the expanding balloon and the rising tension.

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