Play Aviator for Real Money

Aviator has become an instant hit in Canada! The simplicity of the game, with a multiplier that goes up to 10,000x in real-money wins, explains its popularity!

About the Aviator Game

The Aviator game has become an online casino epic and much of this phenomenon is due to it being a Crash Game from one of the best providers in the world, Spribe.

Playing Aviator online for real money takes you to new heights of entertainment as the only thing you need to do is place your bet, watch the plane fly into the skies and cash out before the plane flies away. There are no symbols to line up on paylines and no reels to spin. Simple, right?

Game: Aviator
Release Date: 2019
Game Provider: Spribe
RTP: 97%
Features: Automatic Betting, Automatic Cash-Out, Rain Bonus, Aviarace Tournament
Minimum Bet: $0.10
Maximum Bet: $100

Why Play Aviator at 7JP?

We focus on establishing a safe, interesting and exciting online casino environment for you. By doing so, many have actually considered us the best Aviator online casino in Canada!

We have a dedicated team of experts committed to delivering a premium, localized experience to players in Canada. Here are just some of the awesome things we have done to make us one of the best out there!

  • We have a Curaçao gambling license.
  • Popular payment methods such as Interac and iDebit.
  • A dedicated and highly professional customer support team.
  • fast-loading, mobile-first website.

How to Play Aviator for Real Money

The best thing about Aviator is that it’s super easy to understand the rules and gameplay – regardless of your level of casino game knowledge.

Looking to start playing Aviator for real money? Simply follow the steps below to get yourself set up at 7JP Canada so you can start playing and potentially winning some cash! Ready? Let’s go!

  1. You will need to register with 7JP before you can play. It takes less than 5 minutes to create an account!
  2. Make your first deposit using the available payment methods.
  3. Return to this page and wait for the Aviator game to load. Once it loads, place your bet before the start of the game round.
  4. As the Aviator multiplier starts to climb, you need to cash out and get your winnings before the plane takes off and the round is complete.
  5. After accumulating your winnings in the game, you can decide to either cash out or continue playing Aviator in the casino.

Aviator Rules

The basic aim of the Aviator game is to get the highest multiplier possible, but there are risks involved in doing so. You start with a multiplier of 1.0x and this can increase to significant amounts – the highest ever recorded win at 7JP was 10,000x!

The increase in the multiplier happens gradually as the game round unfolds. You can withdraw your money whenever you like, but the longer you wait, the greater your chances of pocketing a big cash prize. On the other hand, there is an increased risk, as the plane could fly away at any second. 

When the Aviator round comes to an end, you’ll find one of these three results:

  1. You managed to predict the right timing and scored a sizable win.
  2. You cashed out before the multiplier reached its highest point – a win is still a win!
  3. You didn’t cash out before the plane flew away. Better luck next time.

Aviator Bets

Let’s take a look at the different types of bets and betting options that are available for you in Aviator. There are several options available, including the option to place 2 bets at once, auto-betting functionality as well as auto cash-out – all of which we will go into more detail in a bit.

Aviaotro also has minimum and maximum betting amounts. You can place bets as small as 10c or as big as $100. So, you need to decide whether to raise or lower the stakes on each bet. The Aviator game also has four default betting amounts on the game’s interface that you can click to quickly place a bet on. The amounts available for betting are $1, $2, $5 and $10.

Placing Two Bets at Once

First of all, you should understand that you can place two totally separate bets on each round. Yes, Aviator Online allows you to place two bets at the same time!

Each bet can have a different value, and you can place one bet manually and place the other one in automatic mode. You can even cash out at different times, making cash outs on one bet at 2x and on the other bet trying to beat the 10x, for example.

Auto Betting

The betting rounds in Aviator are fast-paced and very intense. Therefore, you must stay on top of Aviator Online. This is exactly the point where it pays to trigger the auto betting.

That’s because you can set an initial amount you want to bet on each new spin, and this bet will be automatically placed for you before the start of each round.

You can also set the number of rounds you want to play and stop if your casino cash balance falls below a certain amount. In other words, more security for your bets!

To activate this feature, simply press the “Auto” button in the area specifically for betting. Then, set the amount you wish to bet and click on “Auto Play”. All set and good luck!

Automatic Cash Out

When you enter the Aviator game area in our online casino, you will easily notice that there is an automatic cash out button. 

As the name of this option makes very clear, you can activate it so that during an Aviator online game round, you will be able to automatically cash out your winnings the moment the plane reaches a certain multiplier up to a maximum limit of 100x.

The good news is that this option is easily triggered. All you need to do is go to the “Auto” section in the betting field and toggle “Auto Cash Out” on and set a limit for that multiplier. If the plane hits this value in a round, the game will cash you out and your winnings will be added to your casino balance.

What’s more, you can combine the auto bet and auto cash out features so that you never miss a single round!

Aviator Casino Bonus

You can be awarded various bonuses when you play Aviator online. These bonuses are sure to enhance your experience even more. Find out more about this advantage offered by the Aviator game below!

Rain Bonus

Mind you, you’ll have to make a quick decision to trigger the Rain Bonus in our Aviator casino! This bonus offers a free bet that can only be found within the game’s live chat feature. It can be claimed by anyone playing the game – so you need to be quick!

Aviarace Tournament

Basically, these are differentiated championships that allow you to collect points with every round. All you have to do is bet place bets in the plane game like you normally would and if you win a round, you will be awarded points. When the competition comes to an end, the participants who have accumulated the most points will be awarded special prizes such as merchandise or casino bonuses.

The Aviator game has become a real favourite amongst Canadians. The dynamic of the game is the following: a little plane takes off with a falling number. We’ve listed some of the main reasons why Aviator has become such a national craze.

  1. It can be played on any device with any kind of internet connection, as the game design is minimal.
  2. The concept of the game is new and unique. The rounds of the game are short and always entertaining.
  3. The game is extremely easy to understand and you will master it in just a few rounds.
  4. There is a good social aspect, where you can chat with other users through the live chat feature.

Aviator Betting Tips

As we already mentioned, Aviator Online is a very easy game to play. Therefore, you should be able to get the hang of it in a few rounds. Since the gameplay is super simple, there are numerous tips for Aviator betting that you can put into practice to improve your style and get closer to victory.

However, the Aviator Game is entirely based on luck, as you have no means of ensuring an outcome every round so please ensure that you are betting on Aviator in a responsible manner.

Do Not Look for Patterns

The Aviator Game is totally random, which means that there are no patterns in the results of the rounds. Sometimes, you might think that there has been a certain pattern in the rounds, but we can assure you that this is not the case. There are no patterns whatsoever in Aviator so do not attempt to find any patterns in the gameplay.

Start Betting with 10c

Based on our experience, starting betting with the lowest amount in the first 10 rounds is a great way to get started and understand the dynamics of the Aviator casino game. Once you have played through these 10 initial rounds, you can decide whether you want to increase the betting amount or keep it low for another few rounds – just remember that you should always bet within your limits.

Start By Cashing Out at 1.2x

Aviator as a betting game has the capacity to yield really big wins, but when you’re starting out it’s better to cash out on small wins before you start to take on some riskier bets. If you can stick to cashing out at 1.2x for 10 or more rounds, you should be able to get a good understanding of how the game rounds work. You might even be able to gradually accumulate some small wins over a long period of time – although this is not a guarantee!

Martingale Strategy

This is a very simple strategy and involves doubling the bet after each loss, with the aim of recovering the previous losses with a single win. However, the Martingale Strategy can be risky as it can quickly deplete your balance during a sequence of defeats.

Ideally, when playing Aviator online, this strategy should be used in conjunction with a responsible gambling stance in order to drastically decrease your loss. This way, you’ll be able to balance things out without taking the excitement out of the game!

Aviator Game Features

The Aviator game has definitely become such a big hit thanks – in no small part – to its great features! Below, you’ll find out more about these and we’ll give some details on each one of them!

Live Statistics

This is a very interesting part of the Aviator Game and it allows you to follow what other players are doing. 

This real-time interaction allows you to keep an eye on how much you’ve cashed out (if you’ve made your withdrawals at the right time) and how much you’ve won on each round.

And there’s more! You even get the chance to check some historical information, such as your previous bets and the biggest wins ever for this game at our online casino.

Game Round History

The Aviator game gives you an overview of the results of all the previous rounds that have been played since you joined. All this data is highlighted and colour-coded so you can easily point out the times when there were some big wins since you started playing.

In-Game Chat

The chat tool is a fantastic way to keep a conversation going with other people who enjoy playing Aviator for real money!

In the chat, you are free to send good luck wishes, emojis and other reactions to convey how excited you are about the experience in our online casino, as well as congratulate others for legendary wins!

Hall of Fame Winnings

Quite simply, you can earn yourself a place in our casino’s Hall of Fame by scoring some breathtaking wins in the Aviator Game. And of course, the players who deserve such reverence can easily be found in this space of honour within the game’s interface.

The Hall of Fame is very easy to find as it is right next to the game screen, revealing the big wins on a daily, monthly and even yearly basis.

Provably Fair Technology

7JP only accepts games that have reliable gameplay and a reputable provider behind them. Spribe has incorporated Provably Fair Technology within Aviator, ensuring that each and every round is completely random and impossible to be tampered with in any way.

This cryptographic technology is a 100% guarantee of trust and transparency for every round played. It also allows you to look over every round that has been played to check and confirm game fairness.

About Spribe: Creator of the Aviator Casino Game

Founded in 2018, Spribe holds permits to operate in almost 20 jurisdictions around the world. The company’s mission is to develop games that truly create an impact on its audience, a goal that was brilliantly achieved with Aviator.

But Spribe also has other relevant titles in its portfolio such as online slots, card games and turbo games aimed at Generation Y!

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